About Us

What is HVSSD

The Heber Valley Special Service District (HVSSD), aka "the ponds," is the regional Wastewater Treatment Facility, which receives and processes wastewater from Heber City, Midway City, and portions of Wasatch County. HVSSD was created in the late 1970's to treat area wastewater and to help clean up the waters of the Provo River Watershed and Deer Creek Reservoir from the Valley’s growing use of septic tanks.

How Do We Process Waste

HVSSD uses aerated lagoons and mechanical type operations to treat wastewater. This water, once cleaned, is then disposed of on the nearly 500-acre hay farm located west of the airport which recharges the aquifer underneath us (i.e., ground water). This process has proven to be very reliable, effective, and less expensive — leading to improved water quality in the region. Hay that is grown in the hay farm and watered by the treated wastewater further absorbs leftover nutrients and is harvested several times per year. It is auctioned off to area farmers. Proceeds from the sale of the hay are used to further offset wastewater treatment costs and help to keep user fees as low as possible. The farm soils are also capable of stabilizing wastewater contaminants like pharmaceuticals, hormones, and endocrine disruptors in wastewater.

Who Pays and How

HVSSD measures, records and bills Heber City and Midway Sanitation District for the wastewater that comes into the facility. Heber City and the Midway Sanitation District then pass these costs on to each connection (home, business, etc.) that is a part of the overall wastewater system. Heber City lists HVSSD costs separately in their water bill. The Midway Sanitation District does not list HVSSD costs as a separate line item on its monthly bills.